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    Dongguan Nan Bo Technology Co, Ltd is a high-tech enterprise in Dongguan specializing in R& D, manufacturing. One negative ion generator, ozone generator,plasma generator and high frequency, high voltage transformer and other electronic products, the company has passed the Is09001: 2000 international quality assurance

    system and UL, CQC, TUV, CE and other safety regulations, the products fully meet the ROHS environmental standards.

    We adhere to the principle of "people-oriented quality survival, management efficiency, innovation and success". To provide the most honest service for the customers. At present, it is the largest manufacturer in the same industry with an annual output of more than 5 million It is beautiful, gree CHIGO, Tescom, Amy Panasonic, HITACHI, MORITA, YAMAZEN, KOIZUMI and other famous enterprises. The designated suppliers are selling well in Japan, Korea and Europe and the United States, and are well received by Chinese and foreig businessmen.

    With innovation as the motive force and environmental protection as the goal, we adhere to the high ped high quality research and design policy, constantly attract advanced management methods and technologies at home and abroad, and develop more environmental protection electronic products.

    About us

    Feel life, feel the most intimate side of home; like home, in fact, like the warmth and kindness of home, we intend to create, feel the joy of home; if you like us, we will become the happiest people in the city.

    Take the new road of specialization

    People without me, people with my expertise, people with expertise, I am new.

    Take the road of scientific and technological progress

    Introduce first-class talents, actively adopt new materials, new energy, new technology and new technology, adhere to the strong science and technology enterprise, walk out a road from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing and creation, and strive in the field of machinery and electricity to form a strong competition in the high-tech industry.

    Take the road of good faith management

    “Small win depends on intelligence, big win and virtue.”.Honesty is the foundation of enterprise survival and the foundation of development.

    Taking the road of scientific development

    Adhering to the People-oriented Principle, Establishing the Scientific Outlook on Development, Changing the Growth Mode, Developing the Circular Economy and Improving the Innovative Ability.

    About us

    Customer first, technology leading, people-oriented, teamwork

    To provide customers with high-quality, green environmental protection products and alkali letter service, create benefits for customers, build a community of interests, achieve win-win situation; lead the trend of new technology, keep pace with the times, pioneer and innovate; people-oriented, respect for talent, realize the maximization of personal value, build China's leading Electromechanical industry R&D and manufacturing base, make China's best electromechanical products.

    Corporate Mission

    Providing Fashion, Technology, Humanization, Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Household Appliances Products and Perfect Services for Every Family


    With a high degree of understanding of fashion elements into China's 5000-year-old deep household electrical appliances culture to create high-quality fashion appliances

    cience and Technolog

    With the use and design of high-tech products to comprehensively improve product performance and quality constantly surpass oneself to become the leading technology in the household appliances industry


    People-oriented life from the fashion science and technology convenient and fast start to meet the physical and psychological needs of consumers, material and spiritual needs要


    There are three forms of Equity: fairness, fairness and fairness.


    Justice is the fundamental justice to establish the prestige of an enterprise. Justice in the order system means equality for all in front of the system.


    The interaction of competition and cooperation promotes the rapid development of enterprises and undertakings. Cooperation on the basis of competition and competition on the basis of cooperation


    No rules, Cheng Fangyuan. This old saying illustrates the importance of order.

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